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Pimp my Chrome

  You might be wondering about the title. Let me tell that you shall have your answer by the end of this story. Hacking has been considered as a mysterious act of 0s and 1s that can either make you or destroy you. Along these lines, things have been simplified to a large extent after… Read More »

Whats your Identity??

Identity management as a platform is an emerging branch of Information security. Top vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle have taken serious plunges into the Identity management arena. In this article, we shall see what it takes to implement an Identity management solution. Information security comprises various individual components that need to go hand… Read More »

A prototype model for web application fingerprinting: w3 scrape

Web application fingerprinting is one of the most important aspects of the information gathering phase of ethical hacking. This allows us to narrow down the criteria instead of playing around with a large pool of possibilities. Fingerprinting simply means identification of objects using a certain methodology. Web application fingerprinting, specifically, is meant for identifying applications… Read More »

Quick and Dirty Burpsuite Tutorial

  Hi all, In this article, we are going to see another powerful framework that is used widely in pen-testing. Burp suite is an integration of various tools put together to work in an effective manner to help the pen-tester in the entire testing process, from the mapping phase to identifying vulnerabilities and exploiting the… Read More »

Virtualization Security in Cloud Computing

Hi Readers!! Recently I have started writing for Info-sec institute. Here goes my first about security in the cloud!! 2011 ended with the popularization of an idea: Bringing VMs (virtual machines) onto the cloud. Recent years have seen great advancements in both cloud computing and virtualization On one hand there is the ability to pool… Read More »

10 Wi-Fi security tools for your arsenal – Photostory

Hey guys, This is an article for WI-fi Pen testers. The must have tools in your arsenal are covered in the form of a photo story on Search-security.IN by me. Image Courtesy: You can read the story here: Cheers 🙂 3ps!10nLaMbDa

10 Linux security tools for system administrators

Hi all, In recent times, the security aspect of information technology has received considerable attention, and large organizations have dedicated security teams to keep tabs on vulnerabilities in their systems and take preventive or corrective action as appropriate. The same level of commitment to maintaining security may not be seen in most SMBs, but the… Read More »

BackTrack 5 tutorial: Part 3 – More on exploitation frameworks

Hey guys, BackTrack 5, the much-awaited penetration testing framework, was released in May 2011. This third installment of our BackTrack 5 tutorial explores tools for browser exploitation such as theft of credentials, Web privilege escalation and password recovery. This part of our BackTrack 5 tutorial also provides an insight into automated SQL injection using DarkMySQLi.… Read More »

The Metasploit Framework Tutorial PDF compendium: Mr. Karthik Ranganath

The Metasploit Framework is a free, open source penetration testing solution developed by the open source security community. Metasploit Framework eliminates the need for writing individual exploits, saving pen-testers considerable time and effort. Originally created by H D Moore in 2003, Metasploit was later bought over by Rapid7. Over time, it has matured into a… Read More »