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Enterprise Security Management

An enterprise invests considerable amount of time in its day to day scanning and managing patched for the infrastructure. But, an enterprise psychological analysis shows us otherwise i.e. most of the enterprises shy away from scanning and patching their business critical infrastructure in a fear of interrupting their already established critical applications. Another side of… Read More »

Webview mail app vulnerability

WebView is an essential component in Android and iOS. It enables applications to display content from on-line resources. It simplifies task of performing a network request, parsing the data and rendering it. WebView uses a number of APIs which can interact with the web contents inside WebView. In the current paper, Cross-site scripting attacks or… Read More »

HoneyPot – Dr. Daniel Singh

Dr. Daniel Singh has sent his presentation to us about HoneyPots. Dr Daniel Singh is a CISO at Technogeeks, A security researcher, evangelist, Certified Ethical Hacker and a ECSA himself. He has also presented papers at International conferences and in the Indian scene he has been an active participant at the DEFCON Bangalore (DC9180) meet.… Read More »

DC9180 – Diving in to the Deep web with Tor

An interesting presentation uncovering the deep web by Mr. Nikhil Kulkarni a.k.a Intrud3r. In his free time, he hunts for bugs, bounties, and penetrates web applications for fun and profit. This paper was presented at DC9180 – DEFCON Bangalore Meet 2013. If you want to know all about TOR – The Onion Router Have a… Read More »

Mozilla automates web security through Minion!

The Minion platform from Mozilla allows various teams like Development, QA, and Security members to perform automated web security scans. The targeted users by this platform are the developers because they can use once the written code is ready for testing. Principles: Minion should be as easy to use as possible It is aimed at… Read More »

Facebook URL redirection bug

Facebook suffers from a URL redirection bug which never got patched even after responsible disclosure.  But when they patch it they fail to give credit to the reporter. This bug has been reported by many hunters, and had gone to deaf ears. I am attaching few screenshots here of the bug which will give an… Read More »

The Mobile Device Management Saga

Wikipedia defines Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions as solutions that secure, monitors and supports mobile devices, deployed across various Mobile service providers and operators. This domain of technology sweeps its charms over Smartphones, Tablets, Tablet Computers, mobile printers and various other devices dependent on On-The-Air (OTA) technology. The primary intent of this model is to… Read More »

Whats your Identity??

Identity management as a platform is an emerging branch of Information security. Top vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle have taken serious plunges into the Identity management arena. In this article, we shall see what it takes to implement an Identity management solution. Information security comprises various individual components that need to go hand… Read More »