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Virtualization Security in Cloud Computing

Hi Readers!! Recently I have started writing for Info-sec institute. Here goes my first about security in the cloud!! 2011 ended with the popularization of an idea: Bringing VMs (virtual machines) onto the cloud. Recent years have seen great advancements in both cloud computing and virtualization On one hand there is the ability to pool… Read More »

10 Wi-Fi security tools for your arsenal – Photostory

Hey guys, This is an article for WI-fi Pen testers. The must have tools in your arsenal are covered in the form of a photo story on Search-security.IN by me. Image Courtesy: You can read the story here: Cheers 🙂 3ps!10nLaMbDa

silverstripe CMS persistent XSS vulnerabilties

Hi all, Yet another bug found, in the silverstripe CMS. 🙂 DISCLAIMER: The publisher is in no way responsible if the information is used for any malicious intent. silverstripe CMS persisten XSS vulnerabilties vendor: Author: Karthik R (3psil0nLambDa) Email: My blog: Google dork: Powered by the SilverStripe Open Source CMS * Persistent… Read More »

A malware analysis kit for the novice

Malicious software – or malware, as it is more popularly known — has a long history, and continues to evolve in terms of sophistication and stealth. Over the past two decades, replication and spreading mechanisms used in malware have advanced considerably, as have techniques used to prevent analysis and detection. Such techniques include anti-debugging, encryption,… Read More »