Social Engineer Toolkit (SET) tutorial for penetration testers

By | September 21, 2011

The social engineering toolkit v1.0 release, code-named Devolution, is a suite of custom tools solely focusing on attacking the human element of penetration testing. Social Engineer Toolkit (SET) uses Backtrack as the framework for penetration testing. SET has been written by David Kennedy, who is also known by the nickname ReL1K. Complete details on the Social Engineer Toolkit are available at

In a pen-testing scenario, alongside uncovering vulnerabilities in the hardware and software systems and exploiting them, the most effective of all is penetrating the human mind to extract the desired information. Such devious techniques are known as social engineering, and computer-based software tools to facilitate this form the basis of the Social Engineer Toolkit.

This social engineering toolkit tutorial covers backdooring of executables, and also evading antivirus software, which is implicitly handled by a few scripts within this framework. This SET tutorial also touches upon a scenario in pen testing to ascertain whether employees of the organization are aware of the security threats they face via the art of social engineering.

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