IOS fingerprint scanner hacked!

By | September 24, 2013

Within few days of its launch, Apple iPhone 5S has faced the wrath of hackers from Germany. The chaos computer club were quoted saying: “Biometrics are not safe” who provided video showing how they could use a fake fingerprint to bypass phone’s security lock screen.

See this Youtube video which demonstrates the Hack.

“…. fingerprint biometrics is unsuitable as access control method and should be avoided” – Chaos Club’s blogpost author, “Starbug”.

“Relying on your fingerprints to secure a device may be okay for casual security – but you shouldn’t depend upon it if you have sensitive data you wish to protect,” security specialist Graham Cluley was quoted after the hack. The group does not claim to have extracted the fingerprint representation from the phone, instead it relies on capturing a high-quality fingerprint elsewhere, and having access to the phone.

Chaos Club disclosed their hack to the public stating that begins with a high-quality fingerprint lifted from a glass, doorknob or glossy surface. The print, which essentially consists of fat and sweat, is made visible using graphite powder or a component of superglue, and then photographed at high resolution to create a 2400 pixel-per-inch scan. That is then printed onto an overhead projector plastic slide using a laser print, forming a relief. That is then covered with wood glue, cut and attached to a real finger.

Courtesy: TheGuardian

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