Program to Block all Removable Drives/CDROM in Network

By | July 10, 2014

The toughest job for CISO/IT manager/even an end user is to protect his data on the computer. One of the main programs which is used to do this is Antivirus/Patch management/Firewall/DLP. DLP has been one of major requirements for corporate. Only a few major vendors like Symantec, Comodo have good DLP solutions which are often out of reach of the SME segment. We have written a small tool which can be used to build a DLP module which is a single executable file which can deployed across network. This program monitors every removable drive/CDROM inserted/removed takes a log of date, time, pnp device id, volume name, disk space details.

The Device Control(DLP) can only be uninstalled with a encryption key, the uninstaller and viewer  need not be deployed to the end point system.

This system is written for end user computer and is given as a freeware. Any corporate interested in a network friendly version could approach the foundation.

Download DLP_DeviceControl

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